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North America's largest network of referral agents building recurring income by helping their customers capture waste savings.

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 Gives your customers significant discounts on Owl services while saving them 30% or more on garbage bills. 

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Build thousands in recurring commissions just by sharing discount codes with clients and colleagues.

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Referral agent FAQ


Please explain how the process works

  • When you refer a new subscriber to WasteWiser and they checkout using your unique discount code they receive a significant discount and you receive a direct commission on every unit, every month, for the first year.

Will anyone know if I'm a referral agent?

  • Only if you tell them. Membership is strictly confidential, as many sales professionals prefer to keep side income separate from their primary employer.

Where do Owl monitors work?

  • Anywhere in North America. Low cell signal areas may have reduced functionality.

How do I access my agent information?

  • Login when approved, to your private agent portal to use any of the sales tools, and to view / manage active referrals, commissions, and contacts. 

Can I work with WasteWiser to install monitors?

  • Absolutely. WasteWiser installations occur throughout North America, we're always looking for reliable, trustworthy installers. Keep in mind, the WasteWiser Owl is unique because it is only installed on the outside of the dumpster, and is easy to do so without tools. Keep in mind, this is an excellent way to make sales contacts at a location.

Who can I refer for discounts and commissions?

  • Everyone. However, the best referrals are typically your existing customers, that need help with their waste expense and service problems. A close second are your work colleagues and friends that also have customers, needing help. You'll earn commissions either way.

How does WasteWiser help me sell and connect? 

  • WasteWiser has a variety of tools available to help you reach and sell to your existing customer base, friends and colleagues. For instance, email templates, a document library, text blasting options.

  • Cross referrals for your primary business line to other WasteWiser subscribers

  • Get discovered on the WasteWiser zipcode tool

How does WasteWiser help me with my main job?

  • When accepted and registered as a WasteWiser referral agent, when subscribers request quotes for waste service, you'll receive their contact and service information in order to promptly provide a quote for that account. 


Is there any cost to join or be an agent?

  • No! The agent program is a simple and easy way for WasteWiser to compensate you for word of mouth referrals.

Do I have to store inventory?

  • No! All purchasing is done by your customer, through the WasteWiser website. All you have to do is provide them their discount code.

Is there a territory requirement?

  • No! You can sell anywhere, to anyone!

Are there sales limits?

  • No! As long as you're signed up, you remain an agent, no volume commitment needed. When you're ready to sell, we're standing by.

Do I have to track my contacts?

  • No! However, WasteWiser will track all referrals for you. Good sales practice suggests keeping records is as wise choice.

Do I have to fill out any reports?

  • No! However, WasteWiser will track purchases and contacts on your behalf. 

Is there a minimum time or unit requirement?

  • No! Sell as much, or as infrequently as you choose. 

Do I have to buy anything to qualify?

  • No! All inventory and services are managed by WasteWiser. All you have to do is provide the referral to your customer.

Can I get a sample monitor?

  • Yes, log in and subscribe to WasteWiser, just like anyone else - it's great for proving how the monitor works. 

Can other agents see my customers?
  • No. All referral agent information is confidential. No one but you, and WasteWiser will be the wis


How do I confirm that a referral went through?

  • Easy. When your customer or colleague purchases any monitor with your discount code, you will be notified, and receive a commission report.

  • You can track all your active referrals through your confidential, custom portal. 

How do I provide a prospect a referral code?

  • WasteWiser will provide you a template for you to send out via email or text. 

  • WasteWiser will provide you a unique QR code and unique link to send out to all prospects.

  • The unique link will send your prospects to a custom purchase page.

Is there any limit on the number of referrals?

  • No! The more of your existing customers, and the more colleagues you refer, the higher the likelihood of earning commissions and increasing your income.

Do I need to be actively involved after making a referral?

  • No! WasteWiser is set up to provide all the information a prospective subscriber will need to know. We depend on you to be a trusted referral source. When you receive notification that your prospect completed their purchase, it may be a good time to ask them for more referrals.

Where do I prospect for referrals?

  • Your existing clients that have commercial waste expenses through friends, colleagues, competitors, social media, and some referral agents even print their unique QR on business cards, and hand them out.

What technologies do I need to make referrals?

  • Simple. A cell phone, and/or a laptop. Even a pen and paper would suffice. 

Does WasteWiser offer sales and marketing assistance?

  • Yes, you're welcome to use your custom referral agent portal to send marketing materials to your prospects. WasteWiser can track all of your activity.

I'm a professional waste consultant (or broker), can I also be a referral agent?

  • Yes. Many consultants and brokers, besides using them to advance their own business, sell monitors outside of the geography in which they do business. 

Is anyone allowed to be a referral agent?

  • No, qualifications are determined and maintained solely by WasteWiser.

What if I don't want to be a referral agent any more?

  • It is easy to withdraw from being an agent. simply email your account information, and we will withdraw you from the program. 

  • All active referrals commissions will continue until paid in full. 

Will I be allowed to comment on and/or post in WasteWiser forum articles?

  • Yes, we encourage referral agents to share stories about successes, savings, and promote themselves in their sales category on the forum.