Make WasteWiser work for you


Your Owl sets up and connects to WasteWiser's network in about 3 minutes.


Adapts for any mounting, attaches in seconds without drilling, tools, helpers, or effort.


Monitors 24/7/365 for 5+ years, the longer it’s on the dumpster, the smarter it becomes.


Reports true service levels, collection failures, and
market prices.

24/7 Service Monitoring

Your Owl accurately monitors usage and missed pickups to alert your hauler of service failures.

Compare Market Pricing

WasteWiser subscribers know true service levels, vendor options, and real market prices.

Automatic Hauler Notices

Automatically notifies your hauler of every time they miss, sends them price requests, and more.

Compliance Reporting

Accurate service records improve LEED™, GRESB™ and ESG™ compliance reporting.

Automatic Price Alerts

When neighbors report better pricing get alerted so you always have the best price.

Usage Measurement

Constantly detect, track, and timestamp every instance of dumpster use between pick-ups.

      Subscription includes:

      1. 1. Immediately stop abusive billing
        Compares actual services to invoices
        Sends warning notices to haulers
        Automatic overage warnings
        Compares fees to contracts
        Documents service failures
      2. 2. Shop price and service with transparency
        Ranked hauler service
        Monitors service complaints
        Reveals true cost per yard 
        Know what neighbors pay
        Free contract templates
        National price reporting
      3. 3. Automatic notifications for accountability
        Service summary reports
        New market price rates
        Overage fee alerts
        Hauler complaints
        Historic usage
        Every pickup
        Every miss

      Custom options:

      1. 1. Ease of management
        Unified RFP / contract management
        Location price comparison reports
        Automated hauler invoice auditing
        Management KPI analytics
        API interlink
      2. 2. Service validation
        Automatic hauler service crediting
        Ranks customer satisfaction
        Monitors service complaints
        National RFP administration
        Reveals true cost per yard
        Know what neighbors pay
      3. 3. Document environmental responsibility
        Service rightsizing analysis
        Bulk dispersion metrics
        LEED compliance
        GRESB reporting
        ESPM auditing

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