Ending a wasteful status quo


Terry Lacy, CEO  

Decades of management experience in organizations from $20 million to $13 billion helped Terry identify the easiest, least costly way to manage waste services - Owl monitors. He has prior management and equity positions in manufacturing, IoT, electronics, waste collection, and aerospace. He earned MBAs from Harvard and University of Florida.

Nick Sischo, CTO  

While earning degrees at North Carolina State University, Nick previously founded Trashr.io, a machine learning and truck routing company. He earned degrees and certifications in cloud, networking, and IoT. Like Terry, he is focused on cleaning waste out of the garbage industry by eliminating inefficient industry practices, and returning accountability to those that pay the bills - customers.


In an industry unchanged for 75 years, customers are exhausted from challenging fake fees and bad service. There was no way to combat waste companies’ excuses, track real service, or know if a price was fair.


Know when your dumpster is picked up. Reveal real cost. Collect evidence and fight fake fees. Our research shows 40% of cost is missed service, fake fees, and customer's inability to shop smart.


Based on real-world needs, we designed a low-cost, trustworthy, long-lasting monitor (5+ years) that networks subscribers' pricing and service quality to hold haulers accountable.


Designed and manufactured in the U.S., to dependably report your data via API, email, text, or web portal. We help you manage any number of dumpsters anywhere.



Our patented design began networking in 2021. By avoiding just one overage fee, subscribers can pay for an entire year's subscription.



Pay less and waste less. Owl monitors collect millions of data points on service, pricing, and vendor options to return accountability to you with ROI in excess of 15:1.